If your boss has just asked you to move to a new city, you’ll probably be feeling a little unsure of what to say. Few people are able to uproot themselves straight away there are plenty of reasons you might not want friends, family, kids in school, a home you love, and a place you know well. On the other hand, relocation sometimes means new opportunities, better money, and higher living standards.

Handling Work Relocation with your Employer the Right Way

The first thing to do is ask for details. Don’t commit yourself straight away. There are dozens of things you need to know before making a measured and informed decision. What will the new salary be? Is the change of job promotion, a demotion, or a sideways move? Is it likely to be temporary or permanent? Would the new branch of the company be a well-established one with a solid trading history or an experiment that might or might not work out? Why did they pick you? How is your new role going to be different? Would there be more long-term promotion prospects in the new location or fewer? Will the company help out with moving expenses or would you have to meet those yourself?

You also want to make sure you have a say in which company will help you with moving and storage.

Be diplomatic, of course, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

They’re asking you to make a life-changing decision and it’s only fair that they provide you with all the necessary information. If you suspect that you’re being demoted, there is no point worrying about whether or not that’s the case. You need to find out, politely and carefully, and clarify what the consequences of refusing the relocation proposal might be.

Take that all information home and after you’ve had a little time to think, you might have other family members to consult. Either you’d be away from the family home for a period of months or even a year or more, or they’d have to move too. Your spouse might have to give up a job and your kids might hate the idea of leaving all their friends or they might be excited by the prospect of moving to a new place. Think about the support network you’d leave behind, especially if you have family living nearby.

Next, sit down at the computer and do some research. Check out the branch you’d be working at on Google Maps. Is it right in the city center or out in the sticks? Consider the city too- the average cost of living will make a big difference to your effective salary. You might also have to think about whether the schools in the new area are good enough to meet your standards. If there aren’t excellent schools nearby, that definitely counts against moving a family, but of course, the schools may actually be better and safer in your new town.

Unless you’re absolutely sure one way or another, give yourself plenty of time to mull over the facts and discuss the potential relocation with your family and friends. There’s a lot to think about, so don’t rush it.

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