Once you’ve moved to New York City with some help from FlatRate Moving, you have to figure out how to survive here. That means learning how to navigate the subway, figuring out the best halal cart, and, most importantly, finding ways to make your tiny apartment feel just a little less miniature. We can’t help you choose your favorite halal cart, but we’ve got you covered when it comes to saving space. Here are five ways to maximize space in your tiny NYC apartment:

1. MakeSpace by getting everything you don’t need out – First things first. You definitely have too much stuff crammed into the shoebox you call home. Sort through what you’ve got and identify the things that you don’t necessarily need on hand, like your off-season gear, the books that you’ve already read, or the juicer you bought but stopped using as soon as you found out what a pain it was to clean.

2. Door Organizers Are Your Friend – You know those canvas shoe organizers they sell at Target? Buy three, because you’re going to be obsessed with them after you realize how much space they’ll save you! You can hang these incredible cloth contraptions on the inside doors of closets and then fill them with anything from makeup to cleaning products to, well, shoes.

3. Invest In Bike Storage – If you’re a cyclist, you have to figure out an efficient way to stow your bike when you’re not riding it. If you live in a walk-up building with a relaxed landlord, try locking up in the hallway. Otherwise, find a stylish way to get your bike out of the way.

4. Make Furniture Do Double-Duty – If your apartment is lacking in the closet department, consider replacing your coffee table with a wooden storage chest. It’ll add character to your apartment and you can fill it with linens or off-season clothes, while still getting all the functionality of a coffee table. Similarly, you can invest in some under-bed storage boxes and throw your winter gear under there during the summer months.

5. Think Vertically – Since floor space is limited, you’ve got to make your wall space count. Bookcases are great, but if you’re really tight on space, they’ll eat up what little you have. Floating shelves are a great alternative; they’ll make your wall space count without eating up your precious floor space. Plus, a shelf of beautiful books and trinkets at eye level can add decorative flair to your apartment in a way that bookcases never could.

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