Why Letting a Moving Service Take Care of Your Entire Move is by Far the Best Way to Relocate

When moving homes you are faced with the choice of whether to handle the move largely on your own or use a moving service. But this is not just a binary decision; you also need to decide precisely how much of the process you want to outsource. Do you hire a moving service solely for the van, or do you hire a full-service moving company and get them to take care of the entire process from start to finish?

What Are Full-Service Movers?

Full-service movers are movers that take care of every last detail of your relocation so you simply don’t have to worry about a single thing. From packing your old home to unloading and helping you get settled into your new property, you can count on them to make sure you don’t lift a finger in the process.

Precisely what ‘full service’ entails though will differ somewhat depending on the company you use. However, basic features offered by many full-service movers include:

  •         Planning logistics of the move
  •         Deconstructing furniture (where appropriate)
  •         Acquiring boxes on your behalf and other packaging materials
  •         Packing all your belongings
  •         Carrying your belongings into the van or truck
  •         Driving your belongings to the new property
  •         Unloading the van or truck
  •         Unpacking your items and arranging them as per your instructions
  •        Installing furniture (where appropriate)

Other than having a full-service moving company take care of these aforementioned services for you, you can also expect them to assist you in ways you didn’t even consider.

You’ll Avoid Living in Chaos

Living in a house filled with boxes, items scattered on the floor and deconstructed furniture you can’t avoid is extremely disconcerting. It’s not just the packing itself that is so inconvenient but the fact that you will need to start weeks or months before you intend to move – which means you’ll be living around boxes and furniture for all of that time. By using full-service movers you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll be able to leave your belongings in your old house and have them delivered to you at your new home.

Your Items Will be Better Taken Care Of

Using a moving company to pack and unpack your belongings ensures that your items don’t get dropped. You can trust they are stored in a logical manner to prevent them from moving or being squished in the van.

When you use full-service movers, you can also rely on professional-quality packing to ensure that your items are protected. Add insurance into the mix and this is the best way to ensure all your items are intact when you arrive.

You’ll Avoid Injury

If you are moving out of a larger house, you probably have bookcases, sofas, and other large pieces of furniture. The logistics of moving these alone are staggering and lifting such weight can also make injury a significant risk. This is especially true if you are older or if you have any existing complaints. Take care of yourself by letting someone else take care of your large items!

You’ll Save Money

Believe it or not, using full-service movers can actually present you with several impressive savings. That’s because you are essentially getting bulk rates for your services and going more directly to suppliers. Movers can help you package your items more cheaply than you probably could on your own since they order huge amounts directly from wholesalers. Likewise, they charge less for the van or truck itself in most cases.

Sure, doing everything entirely on your own might save you some money. But using a moving service will provide the best possible value for your expense.

You’ll Be Able to Relax

The other question to ask yourself is just how much you value your time. Is it really worth spending months unloading your entire home and stressing about arranging a van? Think about what else you could be doing with that time and how much less stressed you would be if you could leave the entire process to moving service!

If you’re thinking of hiring movers to load the van and transport your items to your new home, why not pay a little more and get them to handle the entire thing for you?

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