If you are getting ready to relocate your commercial office space, make sure you leave a clean office for the next tenants and get your security deposit back.  Whether you decide to do office cleaning services or do it yourself, our commercial office cleaning checklist can help.

Office Workstations or Cubicles

  • Have employees remove all personal belongings and items from their workstations
  • Dust desks, file cabinets, electronics, and office furniture & equipment.
  • Empty all trash receptacles.
  • Disinfect all surfaces and trash receptacles
  • Pack office furniture, equipment, and receptacles if applicable.

Office Kitchen and Break rooms

  • Pick and date inform employees when to remove food items from the fridge
  • Empty and wipe down the outside of the fridge
  • Disinfect refrigerator shelves and drawers
  • Empty and defrost the freezer
  • Disinfect countertops
  • Straighten out and clean kitchen cabinets, shelves, and countertop items, including kitchen appliances
  • Sweep and disinfect kitchen floors


  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces including:
    • Door handles
    •  Toilets and stall handles
    • Sinks
  • Clean mirrors using glass cleaner
  • Empty and disinfect all trash receptacles
  • Refill soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers
  • Sweep and disinfect bathroom floors

General Office Cleaning Tasks

  • Don’t forget to dust the following items:
    • Vents, window shades + ceiling fans
    • Desks, tables, and surfaces
    • Light fixtures
  • Clean glass windows and doors using glass cleaner
  • Replace non-working light bulbs
  • Dust HVAC vents and replace filters
  • Remove stains, marks, and cobwebs from walls
  • Professionally steam clean carpets
  • Remove nails from walls and fill nail holes
  • Remove all trash from the premises

When Should You Do the Office Moving Cleaning?

About a month before your planned corporate relocation, you should make sure you arrange for office move-out cleaning services. Schedule your office cleaning after your planned move but prior to your commercial lease-end. Cleaning your commercial space may be required to get your security deposit back.

Should You Hire Commercial Cleaning Services?

If you are a sole proprietor with small office space, you may not need to hire an office cleaning service. You may have the time, be capable of cleaning your office yourself, and save money in your office moving budget. Large companies will likely want to hire some sort of commercial office cleaning move-out services.

Have an Upcoming Commercial Office Move?

If you are planning an upcoming corporate office move, call the professional commercial movers at FlatRate Moving and Storage for a free commercial moving quote. Whether you’re moving an office across NYC or across the state, our professional commercial movers will ensure your corporate relocation experience is smooth.