Your dream just came true! After years of scrimping and saving, you finally bought a vacation home.  Now you can leave stress behind and relax and recharge for a weekend or more whether your retreat resides in the mountains or at the beach.  If you decide to rent out your second home, you’ll welcome the extra income.  However, running two households requires time and effort beyond what you normally handle.  Let FlatRate Moving assist you in moving your furniture and setting up your home before you or your renters occupy it using these moving tips.

Hire a Moving Company

As you know, FlatRate Moving is your go-to moving company for moving you from your current home to your next.  Trust us to provide optimal moving services according to your needs at a flat rate price.  Even if you believe that you may be able to handle a smaller-scale move like one for your second home, isn’t it worth it to plan for someone else to haul your furniture to your vacation home instead? That way you don’t have to rent a truck, pack up your household items, load the furniture, move it to your place, and then unpack and realize you’re too tired to enjoy yourself.  Why trouble yourself with an overwhelming move when you specifically bought the home to help you destress?

Packing Services

Save yourself some time to focus on the important matters in life like decorating your summer home and hitting the beach.  Hire our moving company to pack for you using our packing services.  Our movers will come to you a few days ahead of time, and evaluate how large and involved the job is and which furniture and items you need packed.  If you choose to pack up your belongings yourself but need packing supplies like boxes, we can deliver the supplies right to you using our box delivery service.

Unpacking Services

Since you’re itching to relax or ready your place for occupancy, don’t worry about unpacking because we’ve got you covered.  Whatever the mover’s pack, they can unpack, too.  If you decide to use this service every season before inhabiting your vacation home, you may choose our “Mirror Image” service.  With this service, our packers will photograph how the rooms are arranged for future reference.  Using our installation services will further streamline your seasonal move by having our team configure your electronics.  It’s that easy!

Off-Season Storage

When the season ends, and you want to remove the furniture and other items from your summer home, try our short-term storage program.  We’ll keep your furniture safe and sound in our climate-controlled units until summer returns.  Better yet, you tell our movers what to bring to storage, and they’ll manage the job for you.  We’ll even deliver the furniture to a new place if you buy an investment property or summer home somewhere else.

Join Our Loyalty Club

A perk that our moving company offers is membership in our Loyalty Club which is a great option if you are moving frequently between houses and/or use our storage facilities on a regular basis.  Our point system will earn you bonuses like Amazon gift cards or money to use toward future moves.