We all get to move heavy pieces of furniture at some point in life. It can be quite a nightmare if you have no idea of how to go about it or if you don’t go about it the right way. Oh, and there’s also the problem of steep staircases, tiny hallways, and narrow doorways to add to the tugging and pushing. And if you have a credenza which weighs somewhere about 300 pounds or maybe more, you surely know that it’s a monster!

If you know some tricks to move heavy furniture, you may be able to pull it off successfully. My weight is about 105 wet and I was successfully able to move my credenza from one end of my room to the other, without breaking much of a sweat, without having a residual backache, and without ending up in the hospital. How was I able to accomplish that? Well, I have some tricks up my sleeve!

If you hire a moving and storage company, you’ll be saved from the trouble of handling your heavy furniture all by yourself. But even if you have to, there are some cool tricks I’d like to share with you:

Slide but don’t lift – When you are dealing with heavy furniture, make sure you don’t lift it, or else you may end up injuring yourself. Slide heavy furniture instead of lifting it.  Many of us don’t know how to lift things the proper way, and even though we may succeed in placing them in the right places, we also end up having a bad back. If you have to lift something very heavy, make sure your back is relatively straight and don’t lift it on your shoulders.

Use cardboards and towels – Slip something underneath the legs of the furniture, so you can push it with ease. Don’t lift the piece; just rock it to and fro slightly to slide a piece of towel or cardboard underneath the legs of the furniture. This will make it easy for you to drag or push the furniture around. Try dishrags or towels for furniture that’s placed on smooth bare floors and try cardboard for carpet.

Use magic sliders – Magic sliders are amazing solutions for moving heavy furniture. Place magic sliders under all the heavy pieces of furniture you get. Even though they are a bit expensive sometimes, they are really worth the buy. They make it easy to slip furniture across rooms.

Pull or push – While pushing heavy furniture seems natural, pulling it is somewhat more effective. The best way to go about this is by placing your arms on either side of the furniture and lowering your body as though you are going to sit and keep pushing backward, keeping your feet a few inches away. This way, your arms will work like braces and you’ll be able to pull the furniture without exerting excessive force on them.

Empty it first – Make sure the furniture is completely empty before you try to move it anywhere. Moving and storage companies also use this tip. Many of us forget to empty our furniture before moving it, which often leads to more problems other than a backache. Emptying the furniture makes it lighter and prevents things from falling off and creating a bigger mess.