As a parent, you have to keep it together even though you may be unbearably exhausted and losing your mind.  When it comes to moving with the entire family, you may feel scared until you’re settled into your new home.  What are the biggest moving fears moms have and how do you combat them? Fight your fears with FlatRate Moving’s list of mom’s biggest moving fears. We’ll even share how to handle them.

Having Enough Money

Let’s face it – moving to another home for whatever reason is expensive. Costs can pile up, from house-hunting to moving company services.  Even if you’re moving to another place for a better career opportunity, will you have enough money to pay the bills associated with moving? When you learn that you are moving, start saving your money for unexpected expenses that could arise.

School Daze

Many families move to take advantage of a good school district. But if you’re unfamiliar with the area, you may worry that the schools will not provide your children with the academics you desire.  Visit online sites for school ratings and reviews.  Contact township school districts and schedule visits with them, so school staff can field questions while you tour the schools.

Neighborhood Negatives

Even if the neighborhood you’re moving to appears ideal, you still may wonder: did you just see it on a good day? Will you regret living there on a bad day?  To prepare yourself, visit the neighborhood at different times of day and on the weekend for a glimpse of it in real life.  Remember, too, that moving to a new neighborhood takes some adjusting.

No Sales, No Service

After living in a certain place, you frequent stores you like, exercise at your gym, attend services at your religious center, and walk-in parks you like.  You’re used to a comforting and familiar routine, but when you move far away, you may not live near those choices anymore.  Before you move, investigate online where the closest franchise you favor or comparable amenities and services are, so you’re ready.

Getting Ready on Time

When you have little ones, you’re packing everything up for everybody, hoping you remembered the last detail.  Unfortunately, this also involves decluttering when kids are reluctant to give away toys, gather the right amount of moving boxes and packing supplies, and find time to pack everything up without disrupting daily life.  What you can do to stay organized is make moving checklists and locate moving supplies ASAP.  Enlist family to help, and if it gets too overwhelming, talk to our moving specialists about their packing services.

Moving Companies Matter

Hiring a reputable, economical moving company rates high in importance, especially if you’re afraid they’ll lose or damage your belongings.  You get what you pay for, so evaluate what specific services your family needs, and we’ll work with your budget, so your fears are brushed aside.

You Moved Into a Lemon

What if after all your planning, you end up moving to a house that isn’t all you hoped it would be.  Take a few steps back and decide if you’re just homesick.  Then think about how you could make it homier and more to your liking whether it’s repairing, replacing, or redecorating.

What About Their Friends?

Making friends is hard enough for experienced, etiquette-savvy adults, so will your kids adjust to their new environment and find friends?  It’s hard to tell, but if you involve them in community and school activities and put out friendly vibes, you’re bound to find suitable mates for your kids.

Leaving Everything Behind

It’s just a place, but when you’ve established a life, rich with family and friends and traditions you cherish, emotions erupt.  Of course, you must stay in touch with those people, but don’t dwell so much on how you’ll miss it that you miss out on the new life you’re building.