Unless you are actually moving into a rural farmhouse, your brand new home is sure to come with much more than just its walls. No, I don’t mean furniture – I mean all the external factors that surround normal homes in urban neighborhoods. You will be getting an entire neighborhood filled with all sorts of people and things.

Once you buy the property and are done with the moving and storage aspect, you will definitely have many other questions going through your head. Most importantly, you will want to know everything about your new property. You will want to take the time to introduce yourself to your new surroundings, and of course, your potential new neighbors. You will also want to ask them a number of questions to help you have a complete picture of the place you are moving into. These questions will most importantly help you know whether your lifestyle is going to fit your new surroundings. So, here are some questions you should be asking around:

What’s The Best Thing You Can Do In Your New Neighborhood?

Don’t just inquire only about the favorite or best restaurants; broaden up your inquiries to find out about the hidden details of the neighborhood. You will want to keep your ears open for the inside scoop on perhaps the local Oktoberfest celebrations.

Do Most Of The Residents Have Pets?

This is something you can also inquire before commencing the moving and storage process of your move. If you are crazy about pets, perhaps dogs, in particular, you will want to find out where you can take your dog for walks. On the contrary, if you suffer from cynophobia, you will want to be aware of who to avoid and what places to avoid. You will instead prefer going to areas where dogs are not let loose, or where no pets prevail.

What Sort Of Events Can You Expect In This New Neighborhood?

At times, people prefer the “none” answer to this question. However, condominium, block, rooftop, neighborhood group, or book club parties on a regular basis can help improve your sense of community relations. Such events can really make you feel “at home”.

What Sort Of Crimes Occurred Recently In This Area?

No matter where you move, you should know that no one is entirely protected from crime. So, an account of the recent crimes shouldn’t nix your chances of having a great home in any good location. Instead of asking about crimes, you should instead ask the question of how the neighborhood responds to these crimes and how active are its security services.

Why Is This House Being Sold To You?

Of course, you won’t need to know the homeowner’s personal affairs, but you will certainly want to know of the possible negatives associated with the property. If the answer to this question goes something like this: “Well, sometime back there was a bad fire in the basement…” or “well, the first floor of this house was flooded when…” If this is the case, you will seriously need to have a home inspector inspect the house again before you mobilize the moving and storage services.