Moving out of state is difficult, and buying a home out of state can be even more stressful. How do you find a great home, and trust that it is a great home when you live hundreds of miles away? The unknowing can be unnerving, but that doesn’t mean that buying a new home in a new location has to be an overwhelming nightmare. In fact, the following tips can make the whole process relatively easy and stress-free when searching for moving and storage:

Find a Universal or Close Lender

If you are looking to get a mortgage loan for a home, it is probably for the best that you choose a lender that will be easily accessible from your new location. Either choose a lender that has branches all over the country or choose one established in the state in which you are planning on moving. This way asking questions about the duration of your loan or refinancing to take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates will be easier.

Before giving a lender your business, however, be sure to shop around, read reviews, and ask any locals for great recommendations so that you are getting the best service possible.

Find a Good Realtor

A good realtor can be your best friend when moving to a new state. A great realtor should be able to listen to your needs and find you not just one home, but several options, that fit your criteria and locational needs. He or she will also be able to give you great specifics about neighborhoods and schools, and will gladly work with you remotely, sending you emails and MLS listings even while you are states away so that your time together is much more productive.

To find a good realtor, ask the lender with whom you are working and look at online recommendations. If you are moving for business, ask your new boss if he or she has any insight into where to find a great realtor.

Talk to Potential Neighbors

If you have found a home that you are interested in, don’t be shy. You’ll most likely be there for a while so make sure that you’ll like those living around you before moving in. Stop in to say hi to your potential neighbors, and ask them any questions you have about the neighborhood, schools, and surrounding area.

You may find that your neighbors are big party animals or that the previous residents moved out due to drainage problems constantly flooding the basement, or you may find that your neighbors and the neighborhood are just what you are looking for.

Vacation Near Your New Home

You never want to purchase a home in an area that you don’t know well. While we all don’t have the option of only moving to our dream location due to jobs and other life events, you can make yourself more familiar with an area prior to buying a home. Asking your potential neighbors is a great way to get some inside information, but actually spending time in the area you may be buying a home in is ultimately the best way to go.

Before you buy, book a hotel room nearby and rent a car, and see how easy it is for you to get to your new office, to local schools, and even to the grocery store and your favorite retailers. You may find that the commute times are just right, or that you feel highly inconvenient and need to find a home elsewhere.

Moving and buying a home out of state can be a highly stressful time, but if you have the right tools, you can definitely make the process easier. Don’t be afraid to become highly investigative and to ask others for help with long-distance moving. This is your move and your new home, and you deserve to make sure that it will fit your needs as best as possible.

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