You have found a home near the place you have been offered a lucrative career position. The more you think about moving the more excited you get. You have even done the right thing and scheduled your cross-country movers far in advance. There is only one problem. That dream home with the beautiful sunroom and gorgeous backyard has a major blemish: small closets. You overlooked the flaw because you love the home, but as moving day approaches, this becomes a greater concern. These tips will help.


There is no reason to have your cross-country movers haul boxes to your new home that are just going to end up donated anyway. Now is the time to go through all your clothes and donate or sell what you don’t need or want.

Buy Closet Organizers Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until your cross-country movers wave goodbye, leaving you in a sea of boxes to start thinking about organizers. You know you are going to need them anyway, so one more box filled with organizers is not going to make a difference. If you are not sure if you are buying too many things, shop at a national store and hold onto your receipt, or shop online. This way, you will be able to return what you don’t use. Some ideas include:

  • Cube Storage – Storage cubes can be purchased just about anywhere in an array of sizes and colors. There are so many things you can do with cube storage it will make your head spin. Hide socks, accessories, etc., in fabric bins inside the cubes or fold jeans, sweaters, and sweatshirts to stack on the individual shelves. If you are short on floor space, mount some on the wall. You can find a use for these in every room in your home.
  • Wire Shelving System – Make the most of every inch of your closet space by adding shelves and extra racks. If you have more folded items than hanging ones, stick with shelves. If your wardrobe is professional, you need the extra rod for hangers.
  • Shoe Storage – If you are a minimalist, then maybe you only have a few pairs of shoes to toss into the bottom of your closet. Otherwise, you need storage. You can go with traditional racks, but over-the-door shoe racks are great, too.
  • Hanging Shelves – Fabric hanging shelves that hang from the clothing rod can be used for everything from folded clothes to shoes to hats. These are available in different widths and lengths and are quite affordable.
  • Under Bed Storage – These fabric drawers allow you to make the most of your space under the bed in a stylish way. As a side note, you may want to have your cross-country movers assemble your bed before they go. When your energy level crashes after unpacking for a few hours you won’t feel like putting together that bed frame.
  • Other – Garment racks, storage bins, fabric bags, baskets, and decorative boxes can all be put to use, as well.

Prioritize the Closet

Unless you want to be angry every single day after your move, you will prioritize and organize, when you unpack. Make sure the clothes you need to access often are most accessible. It helps to organize apparel, as well. You can group tops, pants, skirts, etc., together, or organize them according to color. If you need more space because you have gowns, snowsuits, etc., consider using a self-storage unit for the things you only need occasionally.

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