How to Label Moving Boxes

mover with boxes How to Label Moving Boxes

Most tasks associated with moving are not fun, and we dread how long they will take to complete. One of those dreaded tasks is packing up and labeling moving boxes so that they end up in the right rooms. No one should find wool sweaters in their kitchen or gardening tools in their child’s bedroom. Still how can you liven up the labeling process when it’s so tedious and boring? Grab some packing supplies and get your family involved in a new DIY, arts and crafts project called “Labeling Moving Boxes!”

Color Your Boxes

Designate each room in your home with a different color. It doesn’t matter which color you choose for which room because it only needs to make sense to you and your fellow packers. Adhere to the specific color by using markers and packing tape in those colors. Permanent, waterproof markers come in a rainbow array of colors and so do duct tape. Patterns, too!

Inform the movers about your color-coding system and mark the box tops with the corresponding color. If you can, place a colored sticker or card on each doorway, so the movers know which room gets which color-coordinated box.

Create or Collect Labels

Using your printer to create labels is a great option because you can customize the labels to your specifications. Visit moving company websites to see what printable moving labels are available.  Make sure you attach adhesive on the back or secure labels with a layer of clear tape. You can also purchase sticker labels to adorn boxes or plastic totes and reuse them.

Label by Numbers

Along with color-coding your boxes, designate a number for each room and number each box accordingly. Create a list of what rooms have what color and number assigned to them for the movers. Follow the same system you used for colors.

Keep Them Together

Begin packing by starting out one room at a time and finishing once the entire room is packed. This way you follow your color-coding and numbering system as well as keeping the boxes together.  If you store the boxes in one central location, ensure the boxes for each room stay with their group. Apartment Therapy also suggests prioritizing the boxes in the following designations: High (to be opened immediately); Medium (should be opened soon); and Low (opened eventually).

Write the Right Words

Even though you used colors and numbers to identify your boxes, don’t rely on just those indicators. Write the room where the box belongs on the side of the box as well as other notations like “Open First,” or Fragile or This End Up with directional arrows for reference.

Get Kids Involved

If your kids love arts and crafts or are hesitant about moving, involve them in the labeling process. Having them post colored stickers on boxes or carefully doodling designs could be entertaining and distract them from their moving concerns.

Build an Inventory Scrapbook

While you’re “designing” your moving boxes, photograph the items packed within and create a master inventory list or scrapbook of what they contain and where the boxes go according to their assigned colors and numbers.