Although most people would suggest you move before you give birth, Mother Nature and the real estate market may have other ideas.  When you’re ready to deliver your baby, practically nothing can stop childbirth from happening – even moving to a new home!  So what can you do to ease the transition for your newborn? Below find ideas on how to gently move your bundle of joy to a new nest without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Take Time Off Before and After You Move

If you’re able to do so, it’s wise to take time off from work a few days before and after you move.  The added stress of a new baby, a new home, and work may be way too much for even the most dynamic person.  With time off, you’ll adjust to everything on your plate with greater ease and enjoyment.

Don’t Do It Alone

Being a new parent comes with so many new responsibilities and expectations.  Moving to a new home comes with a different set of responsibilities and expectations.  Both must meld together, but you are not a superhero.  You cannot assume that you can deal with all these changes without assistance.  If at all possible enlist friends, family – anyone reliable – to help, whether it’s with the baby, the move, or for moral support.

Adhere to a Routine

Just because you’re in transit, does not mean you need to disrupt your routine.  Adhering to a solid schedule will help your baby feel calm and secure.  Babies thrive on routine, so regular feedings and naptimes will keep your infant content.  Remember to stay calm, so that your baby will sense your comfort and follow suit.

Carry a Fully Loaded Diaper Bag

Whatever you need for a healthy and happy baby while moving should be kept stocked in your diaper bag or, better yet, a much bigger bag.  This includes bottles, extra clothing, soothing objects, etc.  You don’t want to scramble for necessary supplies that you cannot find and then need to purchase. You know that the security blanket you bought is not the one that they want!

Invest in a Portable Crib

Not only will your baby be more comfortable when they’re tucked in, ready to doze off, but if you have to put the baby down for whatever reason, there’s a portable place for them to rest that’s safe from the activity.  You may even get a chance to pack or unpack a box without worrying about your newborn! At least until the baby cries…

Make Room for Baby

Designate one room for the baby immediately and make unpacking boxes for that room a priority.  In Huffington Post’s article, “Tips for Handling a Move While Pregnant or With Small Children,” Tammy Gold suggests getting your new home’s floor plan in advance to figure out the best space for your infant.  That way you’ll be able to arrange the furniture beforehand, get the items needed for the nursery, and ensure the boxes are easily accessible for unpacking.

This Too Shall Pass

For most parents, getting acquainted with your newborn while getting acclimated to your new home can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it’s an unfamiliar place with a beloved baby who still strikes you as a stranger.  However, remember that this whirlwind of activity is temporary.  All the newness and fear will disappear once you move into your home and start making memories as a family.